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FAQ –  About LUXE Miami Escorts


Yes, at LUXE Miami Escorts we only display real and genuine photos of our stunning Miami escort models.

The privacy and confidentiality is very important for both customers as well as models.

Our gorgeous escort models don’t want the entire world to know that they work in escort service, especially their families, friends, neighbors, co-workers from day jobs, other students from the schools or universities that they attend, etc.

Our clients also don’t want a very well known escort models, who show their faces on every escort advertising website out there to show up in their luxury condo or to be seen by people they know with such models.

Once you become one of our regular clients – you will have access to the photos of our stunning Miami escorts with faces shown!


For new customers we only offer photos that are displayed on our website. Keep in mind that prior to displaying every photo to the public, we have to blur the faces and protect the photos with watermarks in order to prevent photo theft. We constantly update the portfolios of our gorgeous escort models with new photos!

If you are one of our regular clients – YES – we can send you an additional photos with faces shown, selfies, etc…

In order to provide the best possible customer service to our clientele, we only make 24 hour phone and text support available for our regular clients as well as approved new members only.

Displaying phone number to the public results in hundreds of unnecessary incoming phone calls and texts on a daily basis from people who will never use our services. Below are just some of the examples:

1. Hundreds of text messages a day from people asking for nude photos, etc. Most of such requests are coming from international phone numbers, from people who are not even planning to come to Miami anytime in a near future.

2. Hundreds of incoming Face Time and video calls on a daily basis from people mentioned above, who just want to have FREE phone sex with our models or even phone operators.

3. Hundreds of voice calls and texts a day from people who want to ask many questions but only interested in incall service, while we offer outcalls only.

4. Dozens of voice calls and texts a day from people asking for prostitution services or even drugs. We do NOT offer any of that!

5. Numerous voice calls and texts on a daily basis with hundreds of questions from people who don’t want to tell us their real names when booking a date. Sorry, but we don’t work with such customers!

By eliminating hundreds of unnecessary incoming calls and texts a day gives us an opportunity to provide an outstanding 24 hour phone and text support to our regular clientele as well as approved new members.


We offer outcall service only!

If you have any special requests, please discuss them with our phone operators. We will always do our best to accommodate all your needs and desires, however you can NOT talk to our escort models prior to your date. This rule applies to both new customers and regular clients.

We accept reservations up to 14 days in advance, since we know the schedule of available models for the next two weeks.

There is no reason to book a date earlier than that, as we don’t know who will be available in 3 months from now.

To book a date with our stunning escort models, please visit Reservations section of our website.

It depends on your geographical location, time of the day as well as the escort model that you want to meet. It usually takes about 10-15 minutes for the girl to get ready plus driving time from her location to yours. Most of our girls are based in Miami Beach and downtown Miami area, some of our models are based in Fort Lauderdale area.

We will always do our best to arrange a date on short notice and will always suggest a perfect model near by, however if you interested in a specific girl we suggest that you give us as much notice as possible. What if the the girl that you wanted to see is swimming at the beach when you called? It will take her way more than 15 min to get ready!

  • You must be polite and act like a gentlemen.
  • You must be well groomed.
  • You must live at upscale residence or stay at the upscale hotel.
  • You must provide us with your real first and last name.
  • You must be from 18 to 100 years old.
  • You must agree that you are interested in LEGAL escort services only when submitting Reservations form.
  • You must be able to show your photo ID to the escort model when she arrives (new customers  only)

At LUXE Miami Escorts we offer fixed flat rate prices and no tipping policy. This No Hassle approach allows our customers to enjoy their date without ever have to worry about tipping, transportation costs, hidden fees or extra charges. The price that was quoited to you by our phone operators is the total price you will pay!


Our prices depend on:

  • escort model that you want to meet
  • your geographical location
  • time of the day
  • month of the year (high/low season)
  • supply and demand

Once you become an approved new member we will discuss the best possible prices we can offer you as well as special offers.


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