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At LUXE Miami Escorts we provide 24 hour phone support for our regular clients as well as approved new members.

If you are one of our regular clients you should already have our phone number. If you unable to find our contact info, submit returning client contact request form and we will text it to the phone number we have on file.

If you never used our services before, please submit a new member reservations form. We only ask very few questions about you and when submitting a form you must agree that you are interested in LEGAL escort services only. Unlike other escort services, we NEVER call to verify your employment or references from other providers. New customer registration takes less than 3 minutes to complete and usually takes us about 15 – 30 min to get your account approved. Once you are an approved member you will have our direct phone number with 24 hour support by voice and text.

When you become our regular client, you will also have access to the photos of our stunning escort models with faces shown.

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