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Reservations for “LUXE Miami Escorts”


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We all want to plan ahead of time! That’s why we strongly suggest to make an advanced reservations!

We accept an advanced reservations up to 2 days prior to the appointment! We do NOT need more notice than that!

There are many places that will charge your credit card a deposit, then charge your card every time you contact them to make changes to your reservation and, after all… can’t honor your reservation because you made too many changes… We don’t take deposits – that’s why we don’t accept reservations more than 2 days in advance!

If you are not 100% sure – please do NOT make an advanced booking for a specific time! While we do not charge deposits, we may require cancellation / rescheduling fees to be paid before we can make future advanced reservations. Only last minute appointments may be available for some clients, with excessive rescheduling history.

We can also provide last minute outcall escort services without an advanced reservations! For last minute appointments – it will usually take 45 min to an hour for the girl to arrive, depending on your location and time of the day.

We have quick and easy approval process for our  new clients! Unlike other agencies, we NEVER call to verify your employment or references from other providers and will NEVER mail anything to your home address.

While we can always quickly approve new customers with a short notice, if you are planning to meet our stunning escort models in a next month or two – you can submit new customer registration / booking form today! The appointment date is not a mandatory field, instead you can type in “comments” below an approximate date when you want to meet. This way we can get your membership approved early on. You will then have our priority phone support and access to additional models, who only want to show their photos to regular clients and approved new members.


New Customer Registration / Booking Form:

We accept clients from 18 to 100 years old
Please provide your home address even if you are going to be at the hotel or yacht
At you home address? At hotel, if so which one?

Don`t copy text!